Win with Wireless

Two of the most difficult components to wire are the external bell and the keypad.  While some manufacturers offer wireless bells, very few offer both a wireless bell and wireless keypad.

At HKC, our advanced SecureWave wireless platform boasts two way wireless to all peripherals, creating a far more stable system with better battery performance. Devices can be programmed & managed from the system keypad or remotely via software.

Fully Functional Wireless Keypad

Our two way wireless keypad is a fully functional Engineer & End User keypad. Offering Entry/Exit tones, Text display, Full Audio annunciation & Proximity Reader.

Wireless Bell Time   

Unlike some of our competitor activation times, the HKC External wireless bell can activate for 15 minutes & can do this 27 times with its standard battery pack. Traditional comfort lights can also be turned on.

Why not make your install easier and check out our SW 1070 RF Kit.  Priced at £144 from our approved distributors the kit includes our SW 1070 panel with 70 zones out of the box and our RF Keypad.