The changing world of self-monitoring

There has been a phenomenal change in the communication landscape over the last couple of years. The industry has evolved from using standard digital communicators to a mix of IP based products such as GPRS, WiFi and LAN cards interfacing with Apps to offer self-monitored solutions to the end user.

These changes offer multiple benefits to both installers and end users who wish to self-monitor. The days of running cable from the telephone junction box to the alarm panel are gone and replaced by plug and play technology

Some installers favour using a GSM/GPRS device for added security and back up. A GPRS device with a roaming sim offer the best solution in this arena where the System “picks” the strongest cell signal for communication regardless of which operator owns the Cell.

An equally popular communication method is the WiFi card. This device connects to the home or business network and delivers signals using the IP network.

The HKC App is available on all operating platforms and is hugely popular. Communication is accomplished using any or a combination of three modules (GPRS, WiFi and Lan)

The App and Cloud solution allows the installer to build a recurring revenue stream and be able to access customer sites remotely.