Overcoming Problems with Existing ID Biscuit Systems

As it becomes harder to source id biscuits for older security systems prices are being driven upwards thus causing problems when adding either new detectors or indeed maintaining existing ID detectors. Changing the panel as an alternative will, on most occasions, mean that the complete system has to be re-wired.

The HKC SW1070 hybrid control panel can adopt conventional & ID cabling. No biscuits are required as the ID technology is built in to HKC wired peripherals, this offers a far more cost effective solution.

With a full range of id peripherals from Quad PIR’s, Shock contacts & zone modules that allow connection of a closed circuit loop from any device – the majority of existing detectors can be accommodated.

Working on a 3 wire system the HKC SW1070 can connect up to 40 detection devices, 20 (8 way) output cards & 20 Maintained PSU’s.