Monitoring Made Easy with the HKC App

The HKC App is easy to use and allows you to monitor and control your HKC alarm system from any location using your smart phone. The App can be set to suit your security needs and is available on all smart phone operating platforms.

The HKC App delivers complete and seamless control to both installer and alarm user. It also delivers audible and text notifications, providing a faultless and simple structure for easy monitoring.

How to Use the HKC App

  • To login to the App you will need to enter the user code you would normally use to operate your intruder alarm system.
  • Hit the connect symbol and this will take you to the first screen of the App where you can see the current status of the system.
  • You can choose to full set or part-set the intruder alarm system at the press of an icon.
  • When the system is setting, this will be announced by the system voice on the App and the arming screen will update to reflect the new status of the system.
  • All activations and alerts from the alarm system are sent to your smart phone as notifications and also audibly announced by the device, ensuring you know the status of the security system at all times.

Monitoring your Premises

On the App, there’s a log event screen, which allows you to see the last 100 log events from the intruder alarm panel’s internal memory log. Any alarm activations are shown in red and the log events can then be shared via email or SMS.   If an RF PIR Camera is installed, pictures can be sent/requested to the end user.

Personalised Outputs and Home Automation

Once your devices are correctly wired and configured to your HKC control panel, you’ll be able to select the outputs icon, allowing you to turn on and off outputs for home automation purposes, for example to turn lights and heat on or off, or to open and close gates. A timer control is also available to allow devices to be turned on for a pre-determined interval.

You can see a live display of the intruder alarm panel’s keypad display via the HKC App. You can also control the system from the virtual keypad as if you were operating the keypad in your home or work premises.

Site Settings and Notifications

Edit, add and delete sites via the site settings on the App. The site settings screen allows you to choose which notification events are received to the App. For example, if you wish to be notified every time the intruder alarm system is armed, unset or if an engineer has access to the system etc.

Special Features on the App

The App is simple to use with lots of useful features, including:

  • Setting the alarm from any location, even on the other side of the world
  • Gaining access to information such as whether the system is armed and who by
  • Choosing inhibited areas not to be protected by the alarm for areas in use

App Solution for Installers

Designed and built by our in-house research and development team at HKC, the HKC App offers a plug and play solution to installers. Using any of HKC’s three communication modules, an installation can be live and monitored in seconds. Simply connect the GSM/GPRS, Wifi card or LAN card to the panel, insert the site ID and connect to the SecureComm Cloud.