Measurable Pain of the Installer

Cheaper equipment not always the right answer!

How many times have you heard it said “but I buy the kit £20 cheaper than brand X?

There is always pressure on installers to reduce their quotes and this ultimately puts pressure on the cost of equipment being installed. If customers have learnt one thing from the recession it’s how to put pressure on suppliers of all products and services. This type of pressure can push security installers to not only drop their margin but also push them for the cheapest offering available from their supplier.

It’s a natural reactive move for an installer to make but sometimes can work out a lot more expensive than the initial saving envisaged.

Now if the equipment installed doesn’t cause any problems then there is no issue however there are many installers who fail to take account of call backs in the first 12 months when the system is covered by warranty.

A system installed should not require a visit until the maintenance is due. If for any reason a visit is required before then it will most likely be a non-chargeable. The cost of this visit will involve labour plus transport costs and possibly equipment to replace a faulty unit.

The maths on this are fairly simple – if the cost of the visit is more than the cost saving on the initial equipment purchased – you need to re-assess your equipment purchasing decision.