Monitoring Made Easy with the HKC App

The HKC App is easy to use and allows you to monitor and control your HKC alarm system from any location using your smart phone. The App can be set to suit your security needs and is available on all

Win with Wireless

Two of the most difficult components to wire are the external bell and the keypad. While some manufacturers offer wireless bells, very few offer both a wireless bell and wireless keypad.

The changing world of self-monitoring

There has been a phenomenal change in the communication landscape over the last couple of years. The industry has evolved from using standard digital communicators to a mix of IP based products such

Do I Need Recurring Revenue Contracts?

Recurring revenue has been the key in the traditional model of enhancing the value of a security installer’s business. Providing a professional service at installation stage and continuing through t

Measurable Pain of the Installer

Cheaper equipment not always the right answer! How many times have you heard it said “but I buy the kit £20 cheaper than brand X? There is always pressure on installers to reduce their